The "mental coach" guides the athlete and advises him in function of his needs.

He teaches the athlete to train his so-called "mental aptitudes" (self-confidence, enjoyment, motivation, stress management, concentration,...).

The mental coach can follow and counsel his athlete on-site (during the training and/or during competition, most often in close collaboration with the trainer) but this is not always the case.

If we ask a high-level athlete to enumerate all the qualities that he must possess to be "good" in his sport, both mentally and physically, he will almost always mention:

For the athletes that need it, Psychosport proposes them to train their mental abilities just like they train their physical fitness and their technique. Note that it is also very useful to train the mental abilities when recovering from an injury. Besides consisting of mental training, mental preparation also includes preparing oneself mentally for a competition. Therefore, mental preparation and mental training are evidently linked.

For athletes residing outside of Belgium, we also offer to do consultations via Skype.